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Graduate of a 1-1/2 year Berkeley Psychic Institute Clairvoant Program and their 1-year Hands-On-Healing Program. After Reiki I, II and III, Laura participated in several 12-month workshops including 3rd-Eye Psychic Surgery, Spiritual Autonomy, and Advanced Chakras.

Explore Your Potential and Discover Your True, Authentic Self.

Clairvoyant Biography

Psychic Educator, Reader & Healer

For nearly 30 years Laura has performed readings and energy healings, and teaches  beginning and advanced psychic workshops in the Sacramento and Bay Area.

Feel free to contact Laura if you are interested in hosting a workshop, talk or healing/reading event at your home, workplace, church or other community organization.

One advanced online class is available at:

Clairvoyant Workshops

Law of Attraction and Creating Abundance

Chakras 1-7

Chakras 8-12

Beginning and Advanced Meditation Skills

How To Become a Better Reader and Healer

Fun Spoon Bending

Beginning and Advanced Energy Healing Techniques

Astral Travel and Dreamwork

Sacred Geometry 101


Ho'oponopono and 


DNA upgrade

Female Healing and Creative Personal Power

Inter-dimensional Travel With the Merkaba Star

Karmic Connections and Contracts

Light Travel and 3rd Eye Psychic Surgery

Ascension to the 5th Dimension

Your Authentic Self

Emotions and Forgiveness

and more classes.....